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About Us

From its modest beginning in 1996, Mantra Exports Pvt. Ltd., in a very short span of time, joined the top ranks of apparel exporters from India. Over the years, we have come to signify the best in service and dependability for our clients. We have defied recessionary trends and sustained proudly.  

Commitment to excellence and a strong management team are key factors that have accelerated the growth of Mantra.  A skilled workforce of dedicated individuals and sophisticated modern machinery produce high quality products that our clients expect from us. We feel confident of executing the most challenging orders.

Mantra has a unique operating model. We have two in-house factories, one in Tirupur for knits and one at Chennai for wovens specialising in bottomwears. These are supported by a network of dedicated contract manufacturing units. Some of these facilities have been set up with financial and technical support from Mantra.  This model makes it possible to access differentiated and specialised facilities.  Asset light operational model ensures no capacity restrictions.  Long standing relationships with the factories and financial and strategic assistance ensure the loyalty of our supporting manufacturers. 

Mantra serves customers that range from giant Mail Order companies,  large retail chains, importers and wholesalers.  To name a few,  we have Otto group of companies, Tom Tailor …..

With a "customer first, quality assured" attitude, Mantra is committed to the highest of quality standards. Performance at this level, ensures significantly low rejection rates, earning Mantra the confidence of many established international labels, such as